What hair colour is right for you?

Ensuring you have the perfect hair colour is crucial to maintaining that healthy glow. If you have the wrong tone or are too light or too dark you will look washed out and sallow. Your skin can even start throwing off gold or pink tones that just don’t work for you, if this happens no makeup can fix it and your clothes wont even look right.


Your hair is the crown you never take off so lets make sure it fits just right!

Heres how!

Assess your skin tone – Are you a warm skin tone or cool skin tone?

You can usually tell by what colour jewellery you wear. If you have a lot of gold or rose gold you are a warm skin tone and if you wear silver or white gold you are a cool skin tone. “But I wear both” ahh this just means you have so much more flexibility in what tone you can pull off but you will need to be aware of how dark or light you go, more on this soon.

Another way to confirm the tone of your skin is your eye colour. If you have blue/light green eyes you will generally be cool skin tone and if you have dark green/brown eyes you will be a warm skin tone. Now with there being a lot of stunningly mixed race people out there you may have dark skin and light blue eyes (#jealous) I would imagine you can wear both gold and silver but you  may have a personal preference! 


If you are a cool skin tone like Naomi Watts this means cooler colours, ashy, creamy, mousy etc will suit you better. Naomi has a pink undertone to her skin. This also applies to red or blue undertones.

nicole kidman

If you are a warm skin tone, like Nicole Kidman this means the warmer tones will suit you better. Gold, Copper and strawberry blonde. Nicole has a peachy, undertone in her skin. This also applies to yellow or golden undertones.


Assess your skin colour – light medium or dark

Depending on how light or dark your skin is will depend on how light or dark you can go. Generally the rule is to stick to 2 shades lighter or darker than your skin tone anymore than that and you will be washed out and almost look grey and sick. See how in the image below once her hair is made 2 shades darker that her skin tone with some soft babylights  her skin colour she is instantly transformed.
She now looks tanned and healthy! #whatababe


Assess your lifestyle and personal style

This ones easy, we all know what we like and what we don’t like. Once you have determined your range of  hair colours that works with your skin tone/skin colour  (yes there will always be more than one) now you get to decide what you gravitate towards most, which one is going to make you wake up every morning,  look in the mirror and go damn girl you look good!! This will most likely change throughout your lifetime or even fluctuate summer to winter as our skin colour changes.

Have fun!!