Will short hair suit you?

Are you are thinking about taking the leap this year and chopping your hair off? Are you worried your face will look fat or you will enhance a feature you usually cover up with your long hair? Sometimes long hair does the opposite of what we intend and cutting it off to “expose” that feature actually distracts from it completely.

Below I have tackled two features that most women with them would insist they need long hair to feel feminine and confident. Instead I have shown that short hair actually does them justice!

Do you have a short neck?

You can either have super short pixie hair to give the appearance of an elongated face and neck, you may need to have a longer fringe to create symmetry, but see how you are focusing on her eyes and rich mahogany hair colour!

hair-style-for-short-neck-new-me-pixie-cut-for-thick-hair-makes-long-face-look-round-neck  kelly_clarkson_bob_2

You can also have hair up to your collar bone/chin. If you have a rounder face go a little longer to your collar bone this will elongate your face. If your face is more square go to your chin as this will help round you off.

Do you have a long forehead?

You can either take the leap and completely shave your head, this will draw more attention to your face shape and features and actually distract from your forehead…

bald-head-karen      Opening Ceremony And 'Birdman' - Premiere - 71st Venice Film Festival

or if this is just too much of a leap for you, you can really go any length you like as long as you have some sort of a fringe to balance out your style. Take Emma Stone for example, You would never really notice that she has a long forehead as she’s always rocking a full fringe or side fringe.

Dont be afraid to step outside the box this year, sometimes the best things are on the other side of fear!